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For fans of Finding Dory,

Sing, and Zootopia,

comes the ZAR&R Mystery Series for readers ages 7 to 10.

Book 1: Octo, PI,

and the Missing Egg

Octo, PI, likes facts that stick and that makes her the number one case solver at the ZAR&R.

In this first book in the series, Mama Goo’s egg goes missing and she knows exactly where to go. Octo follows the facts across the ZAR&R and uncovers an even bigger mystery.

Will she and her team reunite Mama Goo with her egg before sundown and the dark that comes with it?

Life online comes at you fast.

Emotions can run high and things can be said that you can't get back.

There is no eraser on the internet.

But unlike online, you can erase, rip up, blackout, and destroy anything you put in this journal.

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With pages to help teens work though how they feel about an online incident before posting or commenting back, they can protect and manage their online presence which never goes away.

Additional pages include digital detox suggestions, brain dump spaces, spots to let their creativity grow, and to play out possible online conversations.

Help your teen learn to navigate the digital world in a safe, healthy, and beneficial way and buy this journal TODAY!

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